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    • #PharmacistsMonth
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    APhM messaging has been designed for sharing on your social channels but can be combined for other purposes. Help us spread the word about the value of pharmacists in the community.

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    October is American #PharmacistsMonth—time to recognize pharmacists and share the positive impact they make in their communities. Visit www.pharmacistsmonth.com to learn more and participate in the #APhM2019

    American #PharmacistsMonth is an excellent opportunity for student pharmacists to work directly with their local communities to promote the many important services pharmacists provide. Visit www.pharmacistsmonth.com to learn more, participate, and celebrate #APhM2019.

    From advising on allergies to diabetes to heart disease and more, pharmacists simplify care with easy access to answers that bring relief. Visit your pharmacist during #PharmacistsMonth to see all the ways pharmacists make a difference.

    In addition to safely providing medicine, pharmacists offer many different services as part of their commitment to helping patients live healthier lives. Visit www.pharmacistsmonth.com to learn more. #APhM2019.

    Pharmacists are important members of the health care team, but most patients don’t realize how much their pharmacist can do to help them. Visit www.pharmacistsmonth.com to share all the ways pharmacists help patients live their best lives. #PharmacistsMonth

    Short conversations between a patient and a pharmacist can make a big difference. Participate in #PharmacistsMonth and visit your pharmacist or visit pharmacistsmonth.com for more information.

    #PharmacistsMonth is almost over, but the celebration isn’t. Visit www.pharmacistsmonth.com to show and learn the many ways pharmacists care for patients. #APhM2019

    This year’s #PharmacistsMonth has been an amazing celebration of pharmacists and student pharmacists across the country. We are thrilled to see how you support your communities with the care you provide. #APhM2019